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Our Training - System

* Hung Gar - Traditional Fo Shan 
   Huang Fei Hong
* Wu Shu & Shaolin styles.
* Self Defence
* Dragon & Lion Dance
   (Includes Chinese drumming)
* San Da-fighting  - Intermediate to         advanced levels
* 18 Weapon Types  - Intermediate to advanced levels.

All components are practiced in a friendly and safely controlled environment.

ENQUIRIES / BOOKINGS : 0413 798 583

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Stones Corner , Brisbane QLD

Chinese Dragon Dance Hire Brisbane - 2017      New Year Lion Dance Hire - 2017

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Our Shared Objective

Students are encouraged to follow a code of morals which are practiced at Kung Fu and Lion Dance. Physical development with the emphasis on working hard to attain skill, begins with the focus and determination to improve Kung Fu following a disciplined path.

*  Loyal 
*  Righteous
*  Persistant 
*  Courageous 
*  Wise 
*  Honest 
*  Cooperative
*  Respectful

Its never too late to start, but you must begin to achieve. Never stay idle if you want to achieve. Fast or slow learners ultimately come to the same goal if they are persistant. If you want to learn you will achieve!

ENQUIRIES / BOOKINGS : 0413 798 583

Chinese New Year Eve
Friday, 27th January 2017

Chinese New Year Day
Saturday, 28th January 2017

BRISBANE Chinatown CNY Festival
Sunday, 29th January 2017